Examples of My Art

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Samples :

Here are some samples of the work I do with different mediums. I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you for your interest!

Ceramics :assorted

Crafts : assorted

Photography : Literal Love at the Lake

Gift Basket(s) : unlimited

Centerpieces : Live Beta Home

Wearable Art : hair, shoe, pin etc.

Sample personalized labels available, contact for details

Photography : pink petals plate

The Lord's Promise

Photography : Volvo Drivin' Soccer Pom-Mom

Wearable Art : hair

Photography : A Yellow 'rose' of Cactus

Clay : pins

Photography/Centerpieces : MyFire(s) / series available


Photography : Canyon Lake, TX USA

Photography : Annual Orange Evinrood

Centerpieces : Floral n' Fruit

there are limitless and endless options, please feel free to inspire w/your suggestions - DeAnna