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Here are those supply links, I promised.

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You know us as the Internet's Butler.  We rank it number #2 . . . enjoy!

MSN, really . . . MS has been around for a looooooong time - there's a reason

when I can't seem to find it on ask, google is a good substitute


Other links

Fastest 3G iPod - WhoWhoo!!!!

Call Nene ( 210 ) 373-4165 &/or Andrea ( 254 ) 220-1662Universal City, Texas  78148   USA
A free insurance guide website to help Kiwi's navigate the stressful process of managing and buying insurance in New Zealand.





Supply link Sites

wonderful selection and isle enders heaven
Jewelry Retailers, Jewelry Repair and Service. B. Quick Fix. (210) 341-8786. 7400 San Pedro Ave Ste 216, San Antonio, TX 78216

F A B U L O U S   wharehouse-type shopping for supplies, home decor and more . . . give 'em a chance

This a wonderful place to shop for your art supplies and more.

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