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Self Portrait

This was practice using my new digital camera, and just funnin' . . . see the photo page for the more serious ones

Current Photography Available

I cannot upload all of the photos that I have taken to one site, so if you are interested in my work - feel free to contact me with your questions. I also continue to photograph. So the inventory increases periodically. Let me know if you would like something specific, if I don't already have a sample . . . I will be glad to do original work to meet your needs. A good example, a recent Christmas I was reindeer driven for the season. I can send an eMail to you. Signed reproductions, or the original, are available as well.


Listed on our City's website ( click here )


Charcoals, 3-D framables, Ceramics & many other mediums are available in my work.
I am always happy to take suggestions and will consider custom jobs on an individual basis. The best way to satisfy someone's interest is to stay true to my own ideas ; but let's face it, I have to be inspired somehow. Enjoy the rest of the site and send feedback to my eMail link, anytime!


Here It Is!

My Sponsor


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